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Hi, I'm Matthew, a.k.a. GhostM

I spend most of my life typing at a computer trying to tell a story.

In the day I'm probably doing work for the totally awesome DragonForged Software

At night I try and work on one of the many projects I have going on. Lately I've been using Scala, Lift, and MongoDB for the cloud portion of an iOS app that I hope will be ready for the public soon.

I've been a math and science nerd for as long as I can remember, and in the last few years I've become a literature nerd. Halfway through college I added English as a second major, and I've been a writer since. When I feel up to taking on something challenging I work on one of my pieces of fiction (I really need to work on the second draft of my novel).

I live in Boulder, CO with my beautiful wife, C.

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